MCQ instruments gas blender 100

MCQ Instruments Gas Blender 100komplette Gasmischer für Life Science Anwendungen

- ready-to-use gasmixers for life science applications for N2-O2-CO2 gas mixtures

Lab in a Box


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MCQ instruments : Lab in a box - Gas mixers for life science applications and gas sensor calibration for N2-O2-CO2.

Lab in a Box Gasmischer liefern Ihnen die Gasmischung für Ihre Anwendungen ! Für Inkubatoren, Labor-Fermenter oder Mikroplatten-Geräte.

Lab in a Box gasmixers provide the gas atmospheres needed for your application in less time ! For incubators, bioreactors or microplate readers.

Datenblatt - deutsch
Gas Blender MCQ.pdf
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Software description - english
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Data sheet - english
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Anwendungen - applications ( english )

Dynamic gas mixtures
with adjustable O2 - CO2 concentrations
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