MCQ instruments gas blender 100

MCQ Instruments Gas Blender 100komplette Gasmischer für Life Science Anwendungen

- ready-to-use gasmixers for life science applications for N2-O2-CO2 gas mixtures

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Gas mixing systems GMS

gas mixer
Ready - to - use gas mixing systems
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Guidance for selection of gas mixers
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Gas mixing systems for experimental and testing facilities in research and development laboratories for many different applications as biotechnology (e.g. CO2 – O2 – N2 ), sensor calibration and chemical industry. Also suited for corrosive gases as SO2, H2S and others.


These systems are operated by a powerful and easy-to-use WINDOWS software for digital control, data storage with export to EXCEL tables and visualization.


They provide outstanding accuracy  and a wide concentration and flow range with 32 calibration points for each gas channel, calibrated with real gases ( NO conversion factors ).





Gas mixing units - made in Germany