Hydrogen ? methane ?Working with flammable or toxic gases ?

We offer an integrated safety module for our gas mixers : the AlarmModule


Gas mixers for corrosive gases

Most gas mixers can't be used with corrosive gases. Now we have the solution : the combination of standard / combustible gas channels and corrosive gases in one instrument. 

flow calibration

Calibration of dynamic gas mixers and mass flow controllers in the low flow range.


Kalibrierung von dynamischen Gasmischern und Gas - Massenstromreglern im unteren Durchflussbereich.

Remote control for GMS gas mixers :

GMS gas mixers : GMS with internet connectivity

Internet connection by TCP Client / Server functions : 

allow data transfer and control of the gas mixer via Internet.

Pressurized gas mixtures for 2 or 3 components ( e.g. CO2 / O2 / N2 ) 

Stored in a tank under pressure.

- automatic filling with pressure control.

- easy operation, stand-alone unit.

- designed for long-term use of gas-mixtures.

QCAL Messtechnik GmbH has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of gas mixers and gas dosing units for laboratories and test chambers. Our product range is suitable for a wide variety of gases - including corrosive and toxic gases. The units are used for research and testing applications in almost all fields such as


- Test gas and humidity generation from liquid and solid components.


- Life science applications ( N2-O2-CO2-H2-N2O ).


- Material and corrosion tests ( SO2 - NO2 - H2S - Cl2 ).


- Development and calibration of sensors in the concentration range from ppb to volume percent.


- Quality control of gas sensors


and many others. 


We validate our gas mixers with gas analyzers to guarantee best performance.