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Gas mixers for corrosive gases -

2, 3 or 4 channels

Hydrogen ? methane ?Working with flammable or toxic gases ?

We offer an integrated safety module for our gas mixers : the AlarmModule

flow calibration

Calibration of dynamic gas mixers and mass flow controllers in the low flow range.


Kalibrierung von dynamischen Gasmischern und Gas - Massenstromreglern im unteren Durchflussbereich.

Remote control for GMS gas mixers :

GMS gas mixers : GMS with internet connectivity

Internet connection by TCP Client / Server functions : 

allow data transfer and control of the gas mixer via Internet.

Pressurized gas mixtures for 2 or 3 components ( e.g. CO2 / O2 / N2 ) 

Stored in a tank under pressure.

- automatic filling with pressure control.

- easy operation, stand-alone unit.

- designed for long-term use of gas-mixtures.

Calibration Gas Generator VapourCalibrator

The VapourCalibrator is used in R&D laboratories, where special gas atmospheres are necessary, usually consisting of a zero gas as nitrogen or air, additional gaseous components as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen or hydrogen and vapour components of either water ( humidity ) or organic liquids ( solvents ) as alcohols, ethers or aromatic compounds as toluene, benzene....

The VapourCalibrator can be operated with nearly every liquid.

Maintenance Free: unlike evaporator units, the VapourCalibrator is maintenance-free for at least 3 years because this method does not leave any residues in the gas-carrying part.

Features / Comparison :

  • very wide concentration range , more than 1 : 1000, from % volume to ppb.
  • independent of flow sensors and their calibration uncertainty.
  • lowest fluctuations
  • fully automated

Operated by an easy and intuitive to handle by WINDOWS software,  – a PC/notebook is necessary for operation.

Applications: Calibration and testing of sensors for gases and vapours, calibration and testing of humidity sensors, testing and development of fuel cells.





Gas mixers - made in Germany