cell culture gas system
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gas mixer laboratory Gasmischer

GMS_4CH High-Performance

4 channel gas mixer each with :

- control range 1 : 1000.

- traceable calibration over the entire flow range with real gases.

New products

Refrigerant calibration gas preparation with GMS_2/3/4CH :

R290 ( propane )   -    R134a           -    R32    -    R1234ze  and others

Alternative to test gas cylinders :

test gas tank system

Calibration Gas Tank system 

This complete system provides calibration and test gases in a pressurized tank ( 40 ... 100 liters ).

Gasmixers for life science applications / Gascontrol for bioreactors and fermenters / CO2 - reference sensors for incubators / Gas blenders N2-O2-CO2 / Anaerobic Gassing Unit for cell cultures / CO2 Control for incubators

Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing
Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing
Gas equipment for Life Science, biotechnology, biology and medicin
High-precision gas mixing systems for N2, O2, CO2. They provide accurate, stable and versatile gas atmospheres for plants, cells and micro-organisms.
Anaerobic Gassing unit for anaerobic cell cultivation.
CO2Control - CO2 atmospheres for incubators and test chambers
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Anaerobic Gassing Unit
Complete unit designed for gas supply in anaerobic cell cultivation, as Hungate - tubes or injection flasks - provides oxygen - free gas atmospheres.
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measures and controls CO2 - concentration in incubators, testing and climate chambers. It works in any chamber from 20 to 250 liters.

The long-term stable NDIR - CO2 - sensor is compensated for temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity effects upto 95% rh at 37°C. Measurement and control range : 1 to 40% CO2. Includes WINDOWS software for data storag.





Gassing units - made in Germany