Mezclador compacto de gases por el laboratorio.


Mélangeur compact pour gaz pour les laboratoires.


Compacte gasmenger voor gassen speciaal voor het laboratorium.


Compatto miscelatore di gas, specifico per il laboratorio.


Gasmixers for life science applications / Gascontrol for bioreactors and fermenters / CO2 - reference sensors for incubators / Gas blenders N2-O2-CO2 / Anaerobic Gassing Unit for cell cultures / CO2 Control for incubators

Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing
Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing
Gas equipment for Life Science, biotechnology, biology and medicin
High-precision gas mixing systems for N2, O2, CO2. They provide accurate, stable and versatile gas atmospheres for plants, cells and micro-organisms.
Anaerobic Gassing unit for anaerobic cell cultivation.
CO2Control - CO2 atmospheres for incubators and test chambers
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Anaerobic Gassing Unit
Complete unit designed for gas supply in anaerobic cell cultivation, as Hungate - tubes or injection flasks - provides oxygen - free gas atmospheres.
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measures and controls CO2 - concentration in incubators, testing and climate chambers. It works in any chamber from 20 to 250 liters.

The long-term stable NDIR - CO2 - sensor is compensated for temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity effects upto 95% rh at 37°C. Measurement and control range : 1 to 40% CO2. Includes WINDOWS software for data storag.





Gassing units - made in Germany