Hydrogen ? methane ?Working with flammable or toxic gases ?

We offer an integrated safety module for our gas mixers : the AlarmModule


Gas mixers for corrosive gases

Most gas mixers can't be used with corrosive gases. Now we have the solution : the combination of standard / combustible gas channels and corrosive gases in one instrument. 

flow calibration

Calibration of dynamic gas mixers and mass flow controllers in the low flow range.


Kalibrierung von dynamischen Gasmischern und Gas - Massenstromreglern im unteren Durchflussbereich.

Remote control for GMS gas mixers :

GMS gas mixers : GMS with internet connectivity

Internet connection by TCP Client / Server functions : 

allow data transfer and control of the gas mixer via Internet.

Pressurized gas mixtures for 2 or 3 components ( e.g. CO2 / O2 / N2 ) 

Stored in a tank under pressure.

- automatic filling with pressure control.

- easy operation, stand-alone unit.

- designed for long-term use of gas-mixtures.

Cell culture gas mixing / Gas mixers for life science applications / Gas control for bioreactors / Gas blenders N2 - O2 - CO2 / Anaerobic Gassing Unit for cell cultures

GMS_P : pressurized gas mixing device

  • easy operation as stand alone unit with gas tank.
  • Constant gas concentrations ( e.g. 5 %vol CO2 ) designed for long term applications. The composition can be changed via a Windows software.
  • Integrated tank up to 5 bar(r) provides stable gas mixtures independent of flow rate. Capacity : 2.5 liters, with corrosion resistant inner surface.
  • Automatic filling of the tank with pressure control. Filling pressure and composition of gas mixture adjustable.
  • Gas flow at gas outlet adjustable by needle valve.
Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing
Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing

Anaerobic gassing unit

Complete unit designed for gas supply in anaerobic cell cultivation, as Hungate - tubes or injection flasks - provides oxygen - free gas atmospheres.





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