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Gas mixers for corrosive gases -

2, 3 or 4 channels

Hydrogen ? methane ?Working with flammable or toxic gases ?

We offer an integrated safety module for our gas mixers : the AlarmModule

flow calibration

Calibration of dynamic gas mixers and mass flow controllers in the low flow range.


Kalibrierung von dynamischen Gasmischern und Gas - Massenstromreglern im unteren Durchflussbereich.

Remote control for GMS gas mixers :

GMS gas mixers : GMS with internet connectivity

Internet connection by TCP Client / Server functions : 

allow data transfer and control of the gas mixer via Internet.

Pressurized gas mixtures for 2 or 3 components ( e.g. CO2 / O2 / N2 ) 

Stored in a tank under pressure.

- automatic filling with pressure control.

- easy operation, stand-alone unit.

- designed for long-term use of gas-mixtures.

Cell culture gas mixing / Gas mixers for life science applications / Gas control for bioreactors / Gas blenders N2 - O2 - CO2 / Anaerobic Gassing Unit for cell cultures

GMS_P : pressurized gas mixing device

  • easy operation as stand alone unit with gas tank.
  • Constant gas concentrations ( e.g. 5 %vol CO2 ) designed for long term applications. The composition can be changed via a Windows software.
  • Integrated tank up to 5 bar(r) provides stable gas mixtures independent of flow rate. Capacity : 2.5 liters, with corrosion resistant inner surface.
  • Automatic filling of the tank with pressure control. Filling pressure and composition of gas mixture adjustable.
  • Gas flow at gas outlet adjustable by needle valve.
Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing
Gas equipment Life Science - Anaerobic gassing

Anaerobic gassing unit

Complete unit designed for gas supply in anaerobic cell cultivation, as Hungate - tubes or injection flasks - provides oxygen - free gas atmospheres.





Gassing units - made in Germany