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Calibration of dynamic gas mixers and mass flow controllers in the low flow range.

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Hydrogen, methane, CO ???

Working with flammable or toxic gases ?

We offer an integrated safety module for our gas mixers with :     - internal gas sensors for leak detection,

-  warning lamp, audible alarm,

-  immediate shutdown of the gas mixer and

-  automatic flushing of the enclosure with inert gas : the AlarmModule


Gas mixers for corrosive gases

Most gas mixers can't be used with corrosive gases ... now we have the solution : the combination of standard / combustible gas channels and corrosive gases in ONE instrument. 

NEW features for GMS gas mixers : Connect to Internet

GMS gas mixers : GMS with internet connectivity

Internet connection by TCP Client / Server functions : 

allow data transfer and control of the gas mixer via Internet.